Inexpensive Sharpening System Guarantees Results

In order for hand tools — like chisels and planes — to work properly and safely, they need to be sharp. The problem is, getting a tool truly sharp is not all that easy unless you have good sharpening equipment and a technique that yields fast and repeatable results. There are more sharpening stones, jigs, and techniques around then you can shake a chisel at and all have their pros and cons. However, one technique stands out as being easy to master and great for beginners and experienced woodworkers alike. And above all, you won’t have to break the piggybank to get started.

20-pc. Infinity Tools Sandpaper Sharpening System

The 20-pc. Infinity Tools Sandpaper Sharpening System (100-SSS) is all you need to get an ultra-sharp edge on your hand tools.

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No Shop Should Be Without a Set of Steel Rules

Those that know me know that I have an obsession with measuring, marking, and layout tools. I don’t know why, but I have a serious collection of rules, marking knives, calipers, and particularly, steel rules.

Most of my measuring tools sit in a drawer, but besides my measuring tape, I have a few steel rules that are my favorites and are always within reach.

Infinity Tools Stainless Steel Rule Set

Infinity Tools Stainless Steel Rule Set 100-068

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The Underrated Saw Blade You Didn’t Know You Needed

Infinity Cutting Tools has a saw blade in their inventory that a lot of folks don’t understand. We call it the 10″ Multi-Material, 80-tooth saw blade. It was originally designed to cut materials like melamine (which is prone to chipout) and non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminum. But it can do so much more. (Perhaps we should rename it.)

There are a couple of things that make this blade different than your run-of-the-mill combination, crosscut, or rip blade. First off, every tooth on the blade is a Triple-Chip Grind (TCG). This tooth configuration is designed so that each tooth takes a smaller bite without “grabbing” the material. It’s common in industrial shops.

The Infinity 010-380 Multi-Material blade features a negative hook angle and a triple-chip grind.

The Infinity 010-380 Multi-Material blade features a negative hook angle and a triple-chip grind.

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Fast & Accurate Cabinet Door Production With Our Combo Rail & Stile Shaper Head

The Infinity Tools One-Piece Insert-Pro Rail & Stile cutterhead comes with a standard set of knives and an allen wrench.

The Infinity Tools One-Piece Insert-Pro Rail & Stile cutterhead comes with a standard set of knives and an allen wrench.

Traditionally, making rail and stile cabinet doors requires a matched set of shaper cutters that create a cope cut on the ends of the rails or the sticking cut on the inside edges of the door frame pieces. The cutterheads must be swapped out of the machine to switch between the two cuts. With the Infinity Cutting Tools Insert-Pro 1 Pc. Cabinet Shaper Cutter, both the rail and stile cuts are made with a single head. This has a couple of major benefits. First, there’s no swapping of cutterheads required to make each type of cut. This saves valuable time in the shop. With the 1-pc. cutterhead, all you need to do is raise or lower the spindle to switch between cuts. Continue reading

The Best Solution for Drilling and Driving Woodscrews

You know there’s a correct way to install woodscrews, right? When joining two pieces of wood, a shank hole should be drilled through the workpiece you’re attaching to another piece. This hole is sized so that the screw threads pass through without grabbing. This prevents the workpiece from “jacking up” when driving the screw. You know what I mean — you’ve had it happen. And when this happens, there’s often a gap between the workpieces no matter how tight you drive the screw.

Infinity Tools 25-pc. Countersink & Quick-Change Drill Set

Infinity Tools 25-pc. Countersink & Quick-Change Drill Set

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Narex Fine-Cut Rasps Deserve a Spot in Your Shop

Most of my woodworking is sometimes labeled “straight” or “square” work: Cabinets, tables, bookshelves, and other pieces that consist mainly of straight workpieces assembled into a square or rectangular shape.

But there are times when the design calls for curved or shaped workpieces. These add visual interest to the project and are a nice departure from the boring straight lines common in a lot of woodworking projects.

Shaping a workpiece with Narex Fine-Cut Rasps by Infinity Tools

Shaping a workpiece with Narex Fine-Cut Rasps by Infinity Tools

Shaping a curved piece can be frustrating — if you don’t have the proper tools. And sometimes power tools like a router can’t get the job done, especially if it’s a freeform shape or a workpiece that consists of complex curves. Continue reading

Yeah, Infinity Tools Router Bits Are That Good

If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. Andrew was out in our shop the other day preparing to shoot another video for our Rail & Stile Combination Shaper Cutterhead. He needed to make some new MDF fence faces for the shaper since the old ones were kind of chewed up and rather ratty looking.

Zero-Clearance Shaper Fence

Zero-Clearance Shaper Fence

The fences are made of two layers of 3/4″ MDF. Andrew glued the two layers and added a few screws to keep the layers from shifting with the wet glue. After trimming the fences to their final size, Andrew decided to make a cove cut on the back side of the fences that are near the cutterhead. This is to provide more clearance for the cutterhead when using the shaper. He used the Infinity Tools 3/4″-rad. Cove Router Bit. Continue reading

Infinity Tools Slot-Cutting Router Bit Set is a Hit

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a woodworker, it’s that having the right tool for the job can make the difference between an average project and one that you can really be proud of. One of the tools (or sets of tools) I have in my arsenal is a set of slot-cutting router bits. Slot-cutting bits open up joinery possibilities that are difficult or impossible with other tools. For example, cutting a stopped groove in the bottom of a curved chair rail to hold slats. Turning your router into a biscuit joiner. Not to mention other joinery options like grooves on the inside of drawers to hold the drawer bottom. Or making perfect-fitting, smooth tenons on the end of a workpiece for joinery.

Infinity Tools 00-236 Slot-Cutter Set

Woodsmith Magazine Features Infiinity Tools 11-pc. Slot-Cutter Master Set (00-236)

Woodsmith magazine features our Infinity Tools 11-pc. Slot-Cutter Router Bit Master Set in the February/March 2016 issue (No. 223). Continue reading

Inexpensive Vacuum Clamping Made Easy

Vacuum clamping has become quite popular in certain aspects of woodworking over the past several years. Instrument-makers and custom furnituremakers who like to work with veneers and bent lamination find vacuum clamping to be especially helpful. The biggest problem with vacuum clamping has been the cost of getting started. While many woodworkers have an air compressor, few have an expensive, dedicated vacuum pump in their shop.

Infinity Cutting Tools offers an affordable Venturi Vacuum Switch that easily converts your air compressor into a vacuum pump. It even includes the correct fitting to connect your air compressor hose directly to the vacuum switch. Let’s take a look at how this little switch works and why it is the perfect solution for almost any shop.

VEN-001 & VEN-003 Venturi Vacuum Kit

You can purchase the optional gauge kit to monitor the amount of vacuum generated.

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One of the Most Versatile Router Bit Sets You’ll Own

A common task in the woodworking shop is creating a profile along the edge of a workpiece. And, by far, the most-used profile is a radius, or roundover. From simply easing the corners of a workpiece for more aesthetic and tactile appeal to creating roundovers as an element of the overall design, roundover bits make it all happen. You can even use roundover bits to create bullnose and thumbnail profiles, as well.

Infinty Tools 00-386 Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set

Infinty Tools 00-386 6-piece Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set

Our 00-386 Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set contains six of our Infinity Tools router bits in the most popular sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″-radius. The set also includes two bearings that convert the bit into a beading bit to create a 1/16″ quirk, or shoulder. (NOTE: Our 7/8″ and 1″ bits should be used in a router table only.)

Infinity Tools Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set

Infinity Tools 00-386 Roundover & Beading Router Bit Set includes a bearing set for converting the bits to beading bit plus a high-quality, wood storage box.

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