Knock On Wood…

IMG_5437There is nothing more satisfying than the sound of knocking on a real, solid wood front door, or interior door for that matter. But making these wooden portals can be challenging and expensive, especially if you want to make more than one style of door. At least, that was the case until now. We’re proud to introduce our new Insert-Pro Interior and Exterior Door Shaper Cutter System that will allow you to put custom craftsmanship on your front porch.

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Those Are Nice Drawers!

Next time you hear someone say “nice drawers” assume they’re talking about the fine drawer box you made with the Infinity Tools Drawer Locking Router Bit and not your underwear.

When is the last time someone said to you “nice drawers”? If it’s been a while, it’s time to step up your game in the wood shop. When my goal is to make a strong and visually appealing joint quickly, I reach for the Drawer Locking Router Bit. The Drawer Locking Router Bit creates a strong interlocking joint with plenty of glue surface that only requires clamping in one direction during final assembly. The joint is also perfectly suited to be pin-nailed, allowing you to free up your clamps when making multiple drawers. New kitchen cabinets, anyone? Continue reading

Go Big Or Go Home – Mega Planer Router Bit!

IMG_4803-2I love working on large projects like slab tables, big workbenches and even big cutting boards. All these projects have one thing in common, they require materials that are either too big, too heavy, or uncooperative to run through the average sized jointer or planer.  Continue reading

Premium Quality Carving Tools & Sets By Narex


We offer a complete selection of high quality carving sets for everyone from the beginner to the master carver.

Wood Carving is a broad skill. Ball and claw legs, saw handles, duck decoys, and statues are all examples of different things you can make as a carver. Regardless of the type of carving you are interested in Narex has a great set of carving tools to fit the need from beginner to master carver. But choosing the right set of tools can be intimidating. Continue reading

Go Ahead, Lap It Up – New Lapped Miter Bits!


The Lapped Miter, easy to make, strong, self aligning and squaring, perfect for Ply and MDF! What’s not to love?

Plywood is one of the most commonly used materials in the shop. We use it for everything from cabinet boxes, drawer making and simple shop furniture. Think of any project and I’m sure someone has made it from plywood or MDF. But it’s a challenge to make strong and aesthetically pleasing joints in sheet goods. That’s because the plywood layers and the glue that holds them together do not hold up well when milled into small details, and if you are working in MDF just forget about it. The Infinity Tools Lapped Miter router bit set combines strong profiles with plenty of glue surface making it the perfect joint for sheet goods.

Traditional 45° Lock Miter router bits are great for hardwood joinery but their decorative ‘finger’ profile easily breaks in plywood and MDF. This is where the Infinity Tools Lapped Miter router bit set really shines. The set combines a half lap profile with a 45° miter, creating a joint with great glue surface and no weak ‘fingers’. The half lap makes glue-ups a breeze and the mitered edge hides unsightly plywood layers that are better left unseen. A win-win. Continue reading

“Profi” means “Professional” (we’re pretty sure, we don’t speak Czech)


Call me crazy, but I find chopping a mortise by hand to be one of the more enjoyable parts of a project. I get to grab a big beefy mortise chisel, a mallet that Thor would appreciate, and take out all my aggression on a piece of wood that will actually be of use when I am done!

But it may surprise you to know that this wasn’t always the case. In fact, before I got a proper set of mortise chisels, I would put off the task for as long as I could manage. The right tool can make all the difference on your outlook about the work that we do, and once you make the step into a quality set of chisels the difference really is quite staggering. If you are ready to make that step, then I think that you’ll find these Narex Profi Mortise Chisels will make a world of difference…

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Frankly, My Dear, I Need More Chisels


Paring chisels, the Clark Gable of the chisel world.

Paring chisels are the Clark Gable of the chisel world. Tall and Slender, graceful yet masculine, not perfect for every part but when the right role comes along they will knock your socks off. Narex makes a great set of these not-so-common tools and when it comes to fine tuning the fit of a tenon, reaching into tight stop dados, or cleaning up some end grain, these paring chisels are Oscar-worthy.


The Narex 4-Pc Paring Chisel set includes chisels measuring a true 1/4″,1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ making it the perfect set for almost any job.

There are a few details that make a paring chisel great and Narex nailed them all. A paring chisel needs Continue reading

Askew’z Me, Sir, But That’s One Fine Lookin’ Set of Chisels


Paging Doctor Dovetail: your new set of skew chisels are in the operating theater.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried finishing up a hand cut dovetail with a square bench chisel only to find that the nice sharp detail I worked so hard to add ended up just beyond my reach. This is where a skew chisel shines, because the angular design of the cutting edge allows me to trim the fuzz out of the minuscule corner of a half blind dovetail or finish off any number of other little details on a project without fear of damaging the surrounding material. I was very excited when I finally got the chance to get my hands on some of the Narex Skew Chisels now being offered here at Infinity Cutting Tools. I have always been impressed with the tools Narex produces, like their bench chisels and rasps, and I was quite hopeful that these new skew chisels would leave me equally enamored. Continue reading

Making Automated Dust Collection Universal


The iVac Pro Tool plus makes it easy to hook up any machine in your shop to an iVac Automated Dust Collection System.

One of my favorite devices in the Infinity Cutting Tools workshop is our iVac Pro Dust Collection System. It automatically activates our three horsepower dust collector whenever I turn on one of our table saws or our jointers or our surface planers or… you get the idea. It’s an absolute dream that keeps us from having to think about dust collection when we’re already trying to think about everything else that goes into a project.

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Federal Style Oval Table – Part 5. The Compass Rose


The Compass Rose is one of my all time favorite inlay designs and makes a great addition to many projects.

One of my all time favorite inlay designs, and the focal point of my federal style tables, is the compass rose inlay. It is a striking geometric design that looks to the eye extremely complex when it is in actuality a very straightforward pattern to make. All you need are a few simple tools and the right procedure for putting all the pieces together.  The alternating dark/light pattern helps hide minor flaws, so don’t be afraid to dive into making one of these inlays as it is a great starting project for the beginner. Read on to learn how I went about crafting the compass rose inlays on my award-winning federal oval tables. Continue reading