Quality + Hand + Tool = Happiness


A good quality hand tool really does equal happiness.  I use hand tools…a lot. I often feel that woodworkers will spend tons of time setting up a woodworking task on a power tool when they could have done the same task multiple times over with a hand tool.  This doesn’t mean that power tools are bad, just that there are times when hand tools do the job better or quicker. Continue reading

Being Maloof. Maloof style chair build part 2


Maloof chair Build part 2

As promised.  Part 2 of the Maloof style chair build.

So, the legs are attached and looking not too shabby.  There is a wobble in the back legs (basically one leg doesn’t touch down yet), but that’s o.k. as we will fix the shimmy after glue up.    Next we need to mill up the arms and backrest stock.    I milled up the arms a decent bit longer than I needed since I knew this might take multiple cuts to get my fit perfect. Continue reading